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Metal roofing is a great way to protect your home from the elements, but it can be expensive. Palmetto Roofing and Solar delivers excellent metal roofing services to our customers. Metal roofs are fire resistant, which means they may add to the safety and protection of your home.

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Metal Roofing Services For Homeowners In South Carolina

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Regarding cost, metal roofing is expensive compared to alternatives like asphalt shingles. But when done rightly, it is the safest and most durable option for commercial and residential homes.

Besides, the benefit of quality metal roofing is a tiny fraction of its initial cost. If anything, it is a steal for the price. However, those results are only assured when you hire a trusted and experienced roofing company like Palmetto Roofing and Solar.

We are a family-owned roofing company based in Myrtle Beach but with services extending to Surfside Beach, SC, Murrells Inlet, SC, Conway, SC, and Georgetown, SC.

So, we understand the importance of a quality and durable roof. Equally, we know that the cost of installing or upgrading to metal roofing in South Carolina can be high. That is why we offer free estimates.

Beyond the free estimates, we have a streamlined process that ensures our customers get the best results.

You Need Metal Roofing. Here Is Why:

It Is Cost-effective

While metal roofing might be expensive, it offers several benefits that make its price a steal. For a start, metal is outstandingly durable.

Unlike a shingle roof that lasts for 15years max, a metal roof can stay for 30-50years. The best part: in that 30-50years, it’ll accrue a reduced maintenance cost.

A shingle roof, for example, will attract the growth of algae and moss if left untreated. The case is different for a metal roof. Its material doesn’t support plant growth to start.

Most importantly, metal roofs are not as susceptible to wind as other roofing materials. If you add those benefits, you’ll see that this option is cost-efficient and worth the investment.

It Adds To The Resale Value Of Your Property

Metal roofs aren’t just cost-effective. They also add to the aesthetics of your home. They come in different designs and can be personalized to your taste.

More importantly, metal roofs are often less liability, unlike other roof materials. As a result, a home with one will appreciate. Imagine wanting to sell such a home!

You might not necessarily need to move out of Myrtle Beach. But you never know what will happen.

In any case, knowing your home value has increased is an advantage. For specifics, metal roofing can jolt the resale value of your property by at least $1 for every square foot.

It Is Environment-friendly

One of the common issues we get from customers is the fear of rust. And that metal roof might be poisonous to the environment. However, such doubts are far from the truth.

For starters, metal roofs can be recycled. Most importantly, metal roofs have been treated and have enhanced resistance to rain and snow. Hence, you’d hardly experience an unsafe level of rust.

But you don’t necessarily have to take our words for it. Hear what our customers are saying about the safety of our metal roofs:


Blake Myrtle Beach, SC:

“Frankly, I had my reservations about metal roofing. But the experts at Palmetto Roofing and Solar calmed them. Since they installed my roof about two years ago, I haven’t had a reason to call for any issues – outside quarterly inspections. I couldn’t be happier.”

Chris Georgetown, SC:

“The professionals at Palmetto Roofing and Solar are very courteous. They handled my metal roofing installation within a few weeks. I recommend their services to anyone.”

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Metal roofs are not only durable, but they also last the longest of all roofing materials. In fact, a metal roof could potentially last up to 50 years! This means that you’ll spend less time replacing or repairing your roof and you’ll have a roof that lasts longer than your competitors. You can see why it’s the best choice for your home!


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